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1950's style tulle dress by Andreea Deaconu at Beyond Label




 Hello and welcome to

Through this blog we aim to find answers for issues presented bellow (see topics summary) while getting to know ourselves better, becoming more conscious of the decisions we make, starting to take control of our life’s and stepping into our power. Let’s do this together and fill this world with empowered women that will educate the man & women of tomorrow.

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Topics summary:

  • How fashion can make you feel confident?
  • Why do I have a full closet and nothing to wear?
  • How do I find and create my personal style? What is style anyway?
  • Get to know your body shape
  • The importance of accessories
  • Styling tips & tricks
  • Why self-love is so important?

 Please…show yourself some love, give yourself a break from the ever running around rush, grab a cup of coffee and let’s centre and inspire each other.

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