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Are you tired of going shopping and seeing almost the same thing in every shop? Are you feeling lost in the quantity of products? Are you the owner of a full closet and nothing to wear? 

We understand your pain and that is exactly why we are here. 

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About us


Andrea made my two dresses for my Son’s wedding. I loved both of them. Andrea is a pleasure to work with, she is patient and attentive - she was a right gem taking in all my inadequacies and whims concerning my looks, she had done everything she could possibly do to make me a happy Mother of the Groom. The end result was a right success.
I for one, would highly recommend Andrea and I wouldn’t think twice employing her to make you feel /look gorgeous in what you are wearing. She has since made me another casual dress and is in the process of making me another one for summer.

Ofra Anker

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Beyond Label

Be you

She has many sides to her. She's artistic, she's spiritual, she's playful but practical, she's kind but she's also bold and stands her ground. She loves full heartedly beyond labels and facades.

Now she knows how precious life is. So she decided to live it fully, conscious and true to herself.


She's her... with the good, the bad and the crazy.


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