About us

Our Vision

 Our mission is to help women feel empowered and reconnect with the best version of themselves.


They told us we were dreamers. We’re glad we were...

 Why? Well…let’s be real. Regardless of your look, body shape, age or dress size life brings a roller-coaster of emotions, stress, challenges, ups and downs. But an empowered woman is unstoppable.

What? For us…empowerment is all about confidence and feeling confident is all about staying true to yourself - fashion is a great tool to reflect or build on that.

Dressing with confidence is more than just putting on the most recent form of fashion, it’s about feeling great in what we’re wearing.

When we are wearing what makes us feel great, we can be our best selves, and in therefore live our best lives. Yet, somehow…our true selves have been compromised – we’ve spent a lot of time and money on clothes resulting in an extra full wardrobe and still… nothing to wear!

We are changing that.

HOW? Imagine a perfect wardrobe filled with versatile pieces of clothing of your unique re-discovered sense of style. Items so versatile, that can be mixed, match or accessorised to get you from day to the lady of the night in 5 short minutes. Imagine statement accessories, versatile clothes and a rent section (coming soon) for that special occasion -because let’s face it…how many times you’ll wear the same special occasion dress?